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Take a stroll through any mega bookstore, and you will be inundated with countless fantasy fiction books. A few will be great fantasy books, some will be good fantasy books, and most will be bad fantasy books. Finding a good fantasy novel is difficult, like sifting for gold among sand. But occasionally, just occasionally, you'll find that rare nugget, that grain of gold to forever treasure.

Some have a negative perception of fantasy literature (especially those who read only "mainstream" literature) as being cheesy, badly written, and cliche. Yet, rest assured there are some very well written fantasy books out there -- books that can compete arm to arm with "literature". You just have to know where to look.

BestFantasyBooks.com is your number one source for fantasy and science fiction recommendations -- books, comics, anime, movies, and games. We've spent countless hours creating detailed recommendation lists to suite EVERY fantasy fanboy's taste.


Make sure to check out our new sister site devoted to ONLY science fiction: BestScienceFictionBooks.com. It's still in development, but there are a number of recomendation lists ready, including our Top 25 Best Science Fiction Books.


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We've now added the ability for visitors to submit their own best book lists, share them, and allow the public to rank the entries (or not -- up to you). The entries on the lists will be ranked according to a variety of factors, including the number of votes each item has. Simple sign up, then start creating your lists! It's that easy. Or you can just poke around and see what lists your fellow readers and BestFantasyBooks.com staff have been creating.

We've also tied The Listiverse to our existing lists so readers can see what people are saying about each book and what user submitted best lists that book has been added to.

Go ahead and poke around at The Listiverse and get started creating your own best fantasy book lists. We're still building the system and fixing bugs, but it's functional and works! If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or comments about the new system, email us!


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