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The fantasy genre has become popular the past few years. Once a genre restricted to a few Tolkien fanatics and literature freaks, Fantasy has now gone mainstream in a big way, from the mega-popular Harry Potter series capturing the world's attention for a decade, to this recent Twilight craze, to a host of other popular fantasy books, games, and movies that have been popping up the past few years. The most recent craze is the new Game of Thrones mini series produced by HBO.

If you are looking to find good fantasy books, it can be downright painful. There are plenty of good fantasy reads, but because of fantasy's current popularity, the genre has become clogged with mediocre book after mediocre book and hack writer after hack writer churning out pure drivel. Most of the speculative fiction novels you see in the book store are terrible. To help people find those good fantasy gems, I've put together the internet's most comprehensive (I'm not exaggerating here) best fantasy book recommendation lists.

I've been reading fantasy books for 21 years and there's not much that I haven't read. While I agree that some of my favorites may not be your favorites (people have different tastes in fantasy literature), many of the books listed on these lists are recommended by a wide number of readers (not just me!).

I encourage you to read a wide selection of the books on the TOP Lists -- you may find that your fantasy literary tastes, if you are used to Terry Goodkind, David Eddings, and Terry Brooks, may drastically evolve. You can see the full fantasy and science fiction lists on the left hand navigation bar.

Starting with The Best of the Best

If you want to see the best of the best in the fantasy genre, then start off with the Top 25 Best Fantasy Book list.

For a parallel list about the best STAND ALONE fantasy books, check out the Top 25 Best Stand Alone Fantasy books.

You may also want to check out the Great Fantasy Books List to see books that almost made the Top 25 and are all MUST reads for any fantasy book lover.

If you're STILL looking for more recommended fantasy reads, look at the Good Fantasy Books list.

Warmup Fantasy for "The Beginner"

If you are brand, spanking new to the genre and want a primer to fantasy, start out with the Beginner's Fantasy Books.

If you like the Twilight books or these count as your favorite fantasy books, check out the Vampire Books section with all the paranormal/vampire fantasy book recommendations you could want.

Subgenre Recommendations

If you are looking for specific subgenre fantasy recommendations, here are a FEW to get you started.

Fantasy Books/Authors to Avoid

If you want to see some of the worst fantasy books ever written or see what fantasy authors to avoid, or you just want to argue, check out the controversial Worst Fantasy Books list.

Science Fiction Recommendations

There's a lot of science fiction books, but not all of it's worth reading. These days, science fiction has taken a back bench to fantasy. But just because every movie and book you see in the news today a fantasy book, doesn't mean science fiction is dead. There are MANY fantastic classic science fiction novels that any lover of speculative fiction should read. There are also some very good science fiction authors still writing great science fiction. This section is dedicated to helping you find the best science fiction novels out there.

Be sure to check out the best science fictions books list.

More Science Fiction Book list recommendations to come...

Fantasy Author Bios

Check out our Fantasy Authors page for a list of the top fantasy authors, short biography descriptions, and some of their most popular books.




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